Case Study: DEXUS Property Group

DEXUS Property Group is one of the largest property groups listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:DXS) with $13 billion of assets under management.

Producing Sector Reports at DEXUS required significant business analyst resources. The data was collated from The JDE ERP and Argus planning systems through advanced Excel models, which served as a platform for core reporting.

Crossjoin.Net, was commissioned to automate the data loads, centralise transformations, centralise business rules and establish a business focused reporting framework.

The solution was built using Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Excel Business Intelligence tools and included timely extracts data from JDE and Argus DW source systems thus making it available in a centralised data repository for all reporting and analysis. Visibility on the data was delivered to users via online reports, ad hoc analysis tools and interactive dashboards.

The solution has meant that

  • The effort of data extraction has vanished
  • The data is available faster
  • Ad hoc analysis has moved effort from people to technology. The stock of smart analysts can utilise their skills better and spend less time manipulating data
  • The business has gained high confidence in the data
  • The source system is no longer strained from many concurrent queries on a busy day.
  • Interactive dashboards allows the senior business person visibility on summarised, graphical data and low level transactions
  • Analysis drives informed decisions. The new models are used by all levels of the business and provide both insight and time saving